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The Seherr-Thoss Foundations


  • Grants are intended to provide major support for specific capital projects and will not be made to individuals, annual appeals, or to general endowment funds.  Grants are not made in support of programs, salaries, operating expenses, trips, concerts, events and the like.
  • Grants are intended to support proposed projects, not those that have already been undertaken or completed.
  • Funds awarded must be expended within a year of the time of the grant.  For funds awarded subject to a contingency, money granted must be spent within a year of the time that the contingency has been met and the grant paid.
  • Present policy gives priority to large capital grants.  However, the Foundations accept proposals for smaller requests, from smaller organizations, and for seed money for vital start-up programs.
  • The Foundations look favorably upon requests for matching grants.